The 6 wonders of the wine world


- Enhance the taste
- Easy pouring
- Instant aeration
- Build-in filter
- No-drip edge
- Covers foil edges
- Hides screw treads



Made of brushed stainless steel, TPR, PP and silicone.
Easy to clean under the tap.
Diameter Ø 41 mm (fits 99% of all 75 cl wine bottles) Height 76 mm


SKU: 4897032 181427

Danish design by mencke&vagnby

6-in-1 Aerator

An easy to use tool for wine lovers. Decants the wine instantly as you pour from the bottle. 

A built-in filter protects against wine stone and cork residues. The cap preserves the wine if you want to save it for the next day.

The outer collar conceals the foil and also the thread of bottles with screw cap.

Perfect for both red and white wines, young and old.

Simply, by using The Decantiere, you will notice a significant improvement of the wine.

Brings out the flavor, and improves the finish.

That's how the wine makers want you to drink their wine.

Once The Decantiere  has been put on the bottle, you can serve immediately.

Wine may be poured from the bottle in any direction.


Thanks to the built-in dual-functional pipes, the The Decantiere  works optimally regardless of how you pour.

It is a dream to aerate the wine whilst pouring.

Inside The Decantiere  an air mixing chamber has been developed to oxidize the wine when pouring. The built-in mesh is precisely balanced in its dimensions , so wine and air are mixed properly during serving.

To start this process, the 7 built-in dual-functional tubes are supported by 8 small vents positioned at the grid edge.

The Decantiere´s built-in mesh is so dense, that lees, cork residues and other impurities are kept back when pouring. This ensures optimal enjoyment of the wine.


The Decantiere is simply cleaned under running water. No use of dish soap or dishwasher.

It is not necessary to use a napkin or drip collar in order to avoid  unwanted droplets on the table.

With The Decantiere, it makes no difference which direction you turn the bottle.

The double pouring edges of The Decantiere ensure no dripping in connection with serving.

More and more wineries choose to use screw caps instead of corks.

The Decantiere’s outer metal casing hides the threads of screw top bottles.


In this way, even cheap screw-top bottles are elevated into an elegant, exclusive level.

Especially on older vintages, foil may have 'stuck' and become difficult  to cut neatly.


Unfortunate cut foil edges are completely hidden by The Decantiere, so the wine bottle is always presented perfectly and completely lives up to all expectations.

Only one hand needed. Just pour.

No need for napkin or drip collar on the bottle.

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