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Karina Mencke & Marcus Vagnby




Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby, mencke&vagnby, is the design foundation which VAGNBYS is built upon. They met at the Danish Design School in 2003, and are today partners in business and private life as well. The duo compliments each other in the creative process, constantly seeking new solutions and experiences in shape and function.


"We always ask questions. We want to explore the unseen"


Karina and Marcus live in en symbioses of private and work life. With little boundaries between the two, they enjoy designing as much as preparing a good meal with good friends. The enjoyment of life is clearly seen in the designs for VAGNBYS. It is all about the good life, about taste and about friends and family.


"For us, creativity is the way we see and experience the world around us. It is the desire to go beyond what meets the eye. The enjoyment of seeking the unseen, the excitement, and from time to time, the frightening feeling of not knowing where an idea will take us"


Karina Mencke Vagnby (født 1977) born and raised in Wuppertal Germany by her Danish mother and German father. She has a creative background as a stainless steel sculpturor, working for Wolfgang Göddertz (1944-2016). Karina is educated in Copenhagen at the Danish Design School as an Industrial Designer. Karina also does oil paintings and small sculptures, often zooming into everyday objects and converting a selected detail into a piece of art. Just like when she creates design.


Marcus Mencke Vagnby (1981) grew up in a home north of Copenhagen, where his parents worked with packaging design, giving him a perfect insight into the creative world. Marcus's father Tavs taught him everything about sales philosophies and graphic design, but Marcus was more interested in the products inside the boxes. At age of 15 he realized that he wanted to be an industrial designer, and only 4 years later, he created his first commercial successes. The following year he entered the Danish Design School. With a never ending interest in design and architecture, he also studied a few years at the School of Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Marcus has realized a number of architectural projects.

mencke&vagnby DESIGNS

Gustav & Thomas



It is no coincidence that we ended up working together

Already during our education we started collaborating. Our different personalities and areas of expertise, creative struggles and different ways of approaching things, always result in challenging products and designs. And the result is hard to ignore; our designs have been awarded many prizes and mentions.

In the autumn of 2008, after years of trimming our skills together, we finally started Carl & Carl. Carl and Carl deliver products at all design stages; from idea development through product descriptions over prototyping and finished designs ready for production.

mencke&vagnby and CARL&CARL DESIGN

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