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Three generations of creative minds and strong family bonds. That is the VAGNBYS brand.

The Vagnby name dates back three generations, when Viggo Kristensen (1896-1966) changed Kristensen to Vagnby in 1920. He believed that the common Danish Kristensen would not bring him much. After his name change Viggo Vagnby worked throughout his career as both designer, illustrator and architect. The highlight  is the world famous Wonderful Copenhagen poster, designed in 1951. Viggo Vagnby coined the image of Copenhagen as the friendly, charming city that lets mother duck and her ducklings cross the street. The poster has several times been elected best in the World and is still a bestseller today, more than half a century after it was designed. The very symbol of a friendly Copenhagen and the Vagnby family's creativity and lasting originality.


In the early 80s, Viggo's son Tavs Vagnby (born 1953) began his creative career by developing graphic design and packaging for well-known European brands. Led the way to how non-food products are presented and sold today. In 2005 Tavs and his wife Birgit moved to Hong Kong, and established International Design House, a strong sales and sourcing company, which today is the basis for product development of VAGNBYS products.


The VAGNBYS brand was founded in 2012 as a collaboration between Tavs and his son Marcus Vagnby (born 1981). The brand's objective is to develop products for the good life. Marcus started his career as an industrial designer in 2000 when one of his early designs and inventions was the world's first silicon utility brush. With many more designs to come, and Marcus already made a name for himself in the world of design.

In 2003, Marcus formalized his partnership with Karina Mencke (born 1977) as a duo both in business and private under the name Mencke & Vagnby. Together they design and develop products for VAGNBYS in close cooperation with Tavs.


"We develop products for VAGNBYS based on our own love of a good glass of wine, usually with family and dear friends. We love to live and enjoy life, which is the philosophy VAGNBYS is built upon!" - Marcus Vagnby, partner in Mencke & Vagnby

Viggo Vagnby
1896 - 1966
Tavs Jensen Vagnby
1953 -
Marcus Mencke Vagnby
1981 -
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