The Swan family is inspired by Danmarks National Bird, The Mute Swan, who majestically swims in the water with its beautiful curved neck.

In an marvellous way, Karina Mencke & Marcus Vagnby has transformed the swan's shapes into functional and sculptural products.

Experience the sublime design and live the fairytale with Vagnbys Svane Family.

Mrs. SWAN 27cm

Each of these sculptural candlesticks appears as small works of art. Together they are a symbol of love and togetherness. Swan couples stay together throughout their lives, a beautiful tale of unity of ups and downs.


As a lake's glassy surface, the light is reflected in stainless steel. The surface catches the light and gives a fantastic effect and the curved forms become fully expressed.

Danish design by the Copenhagen based duo Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby, mencke&vagnby.

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