- Loosen tight corks
- Preservs bubbels while you pure
- Non drip edge
- Vagnbys bottle conection
- Preservs leftowers + 24 houers*


*The leftower needs to be "sparkeling" at the point the bottle is closed with the stopper



Made of Zink alloy, TPR, PP and silicone.
Easy to clean under the tap.


SKU: 4897032181328

Danish design by mencke&vagnby

Champagene Set


- Loosen tight corks


- Preserve the bubbles while you pour

- No dripping


- In the unlikly event that you have left a bit in the bottle, preserve it with the stopper.



Champagne Twister effortlessly uncorks champagne and sparkling wines.  

The 4-legged design captures and loosens pressurized corks with a simple twist. 

Latches to the cork and reduces the danger of flying corks. 

The designers play with the shape of the champagne cork has become a piece of modern art of high quality.  

An icon for the conscious connoisseur. 


Made of zinc alloy.



The Champagne Pourer ensures controlled pouring, minimal loss of the precious champagne bubbles, as well as a perfect no-drip feature.

Keep the best qualities of the champagne and enjoy this divine drink with your close friends.

Scandinavian design for people who cares. 


Made of stainless steel and TPR.



The Stopper eliminates waste by preserving the flavour and finish of previously opened bottles of champagne. 

In the shape of an oversized stopper the designer has combined documented principles with modern Scandinavian

design which fully lives up to any champagne lover demands.


Made of aluminium alloy,  TPR and ABS.

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